White Swan


My very first post! Welcome

I hope you are interested in Art because there will be a lot of it right here. My love of Art and Art History was completely reignited after a rather long hiatus from the practice and study of it, longer than I had planned, however…IT IS TIME to put things right and I would love you to join me on my journey as I navigate the Contemporary Art scene here in Ireland and abroad. I will also be showing some of my current projects and talking about them in more details….


But for this first post I just wanted to give a little bit of an introduction as to why I have started this blog. Well initially I had thought what better than to share some of the fabulous photos of my amazing adventure in the White Swan of cities… Venice. I was lucky enough to visit in May and November of 2017. This coincided with the both the start and the end of the World’s original Art Expo La Biennale di Venezia . It was a long-awaited for experience which was cemented forever in my soul with a fantastic week-long course given by the lovely people of the European Cultural Academy Venice more of that later. If you have every thought about being an International Student for the week I would highly recommend one of their amazing courses. This is not an Ad by the way…I’m just being sound and it may even inspire some of you to just go for it like I did. I promise you will not regret it!


If you would like to see more photos/videos of my two trips last year please click on my instagram link Willersphoto .This blog is really an extension of my Insta Gallery and I intend for it to be a one stop shop on all thing Art & Culture.

The only way to care for Venice as she deserves is to give her a chance to touch you often – to linger and remain and return.

Henry James. Italian Hours 1882

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